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Chiropractor Mauldin SC Dr Matthew Eiken

Matthew Eiken D.C.

Dr. Eiken has given over 200,000 successful treatments in 25 years of clinical experience.

After a two year post-graduate position in a chiropractic research facility, he began treating patients from around the globe, focusing specifically on disorders of the neck (cervical spine).

His vast experience, expertise, and consistent results frequently attract patients from out of state, who will travel to Greenville for an extended stay to be treated by Dr. Eiken.

As a former ironman triathlete and wrestler, Dr. Eiken knows and appreciates the physical toll on an athlete's body. His current hobbies include camping, fishing, and trail running.

Chiropractic Mauldin SC Linda Burch Meet The Team
Clinic Manager

Linda Burch

Linda grew up on Cape Cod. She graduated from Bucknell University with a B.S. in Biology. In 2006, she moved from Maine to South Carolina. She lives with her parents in Greer, along with a cat and a dog. Linda’s first love is travel and also enjoys hiking, gardening, knitting, and reading murder mysteries.

Chiropractic Mauldin SC Isaac Eiken Meet The Team

Isaac Eiken

Isaac grew up in Simpsonville. He plans to follow in his family's footsteps and become a chiropractor. Currently, Isaac is an undergrad student and will be attending chiropractic school soon.

Chiropractic Mauldin SC Kathleen Belk Meet The Team

Kathleen Belk

Kathleen was born in a small town in Germany. She came to the States as a child. Together Kathleen and her husband are raising two young boys. She loves spending time with her family. And has a passion for baking, interior decorating, and helping people in need.

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